"Mankind will have no future until he learns to observe and copy Nature."

Viktor Schauberger




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We realised the need to filter our water and then began to re-energise it many years ago. We have certainly benefited as have our animals and plants! Friends and family have been amazed by the water’s quality and taste. Several customers have also told us of their wonderment about thirsty teenagers even reaching for the re-energised water and drinking much more of it.

As well as being very effective and highly beneficial, these products also make a visual talking point with visitors to our home. Enjoy and be well!

Why Living Water? 
Drinking good quality and vibrant water is as important for our health as is good quality food. Our bodies are in fact made up of 70% water.

The taste of fresh clean water from a mountain stream is invigorating because it flows and cascades through the earth and rocks naturally filtering and cleansing. Spiralling water in rivers and streams erases harmful energies, transforming it into living water which is the most nourishing to drink.

However, water that comes through our taps is lifeless by being forced to flow unnaturally through straight pipes. The recycled water also contains invisible physical contaminants such as metals (e.g. lead and mercury), pesticides, herbicides, nitrates. Research has shown that estrogen from medical sources is affecting male reproduction. In the mistaken belief that they will make the water safer,  Water authorities
add chlorine and many now also add fluoride, both of which reduce our immune strength. In fact all of these pollutants are a danger to our health.

We believe that it is essential for ourselves and our family (including pets) to drink water that is as healthy as possible. We can replicate the quality of water of a mountain stream by first filtering our tap water (see Water Filtering products) and then re-energising and re-structuring it by spiralling (see Water Re-energising products). This will transform the water, making it healthier and more nourishing for the body to absorb –bringing better health for us all.

The beautiful spiralling forms of the Electro-magnetic Harmonisers are filled with imploded water and are constantly re-energising themselves to give protection from the harmful effects of Electro-magnetic Stress. They also have a multitude of uses for health and healing.